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First post! Here’s my very first outdoor photo shoot with my friend’s figures. My figures were still being shipped from Japan via surface mail from my trip around Akiba and various places.

Anyway, this photo shoot is to showcase the figure, a sort of gallery of nicely taken photos, with some emphasis on reviewing it. Unfortunately with these early photos, it doesn’t look all that great, and they certainly don’t show the model to the full extent. Hopefully this will change in future photo shoots.

This particular photo shoot was taken on 11th October 2006, right now I’m going to be posting photo shoots from this date onwards.

Himekuri moda Nero 1



For this Himekuri, my friend and I decided to go to the Royal Botanical Garden situated in Melbourne city. We picked a spot just outside of the gardens that had a grove of flowers (exactly which kind is a mystery). The place was relatively quite, only a handful of people passing by without a third glance.

Himekuri moda Nero 1



It was a bright and sunny day, so I tried taking the photos with a filter above the figures to lower the intensity of the light…it was a piece of tracing paper. As you can see it dodn’t turn out as well as I hoped for, trial and error I guess. I didn’t take that many photos, My guess is that I wasn’t used to taking photos of a subject, that or I was damn nervous for actually going outside and taking photos of a small girl pulling up her dress for all to see…

Himekuri moda Nero 1



Himekuri Image Girl is a nicely done product from Kaiyodo. Enoki Tomohide aka eyewater has done a superb sculpt of this young lady. The level of detail is quite impressive, with creases in the fabrics and the intricate frills, even down the details of her panties. Only thing I’m not really high on is her bellybutton, while I know some anime girls are depicted with such ones, it still goes beyond me how it comes to be that deep.

The paint job is also amazing, from the glittery dark blue heels to the translucent-like er, chestcover. For most of the clothes, the paint is of a matte finish and fits accordingly. Facial detail is also quite nice and well represented.

The pose that the sculptor has put her in is just quite questionable for some, but euphoric for others. The depiction of such innocence almost makes it questionable if she is indeed lifting up her skirt for the reasons you and I think, perhaps she’s just hot and wanted some air? We’ll prolly never know.

Himekuri moda Nero 4



Himekuri, quite a nice addition to my friend’s collection (who he hides from his mother with a rather elaborate system, more info maybe later). I also got one a few months back in December 2006, but it was the moda Noel – Christmas version, perhaps a photo shoot of her later.

For my first effort of outdoor photography of actual anime figures, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d would. For those who are still wondering if it’s such a great idea to go outside to take a photo of something that can be a lil disturbing for others, don’t fret, it’s easier once you start focusing on the photography rather than the people. Oh, and bring a friend, let them worry about people staring instead.

Himekuri moda Nero 5



The photos were decent at best, but from this I’ve learnt a lil and you’ll (hopefully) see improvements with the later photos I’ve taken which are going to be posted up once I find the time to process the photos. As for the figure itself, anyone who is even the slightest lolicon should take a serious look at this innocent yet seductive figure. Recommended!

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
11th October 2006
Outskirts of the Royal Botanical Gardens

Details – Figure

Himekuri Image Girl moda Nero
Comic HIMeKuRI
Enoki Tomohide aka eyewater
Release date
December 2005
Place of purchase
Empire Toys
Retail price
3,800 yen
Bought it for
$90.00!! AU Est
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
moda Nero (black) – In Stock
moda Bianca (white) – Discontinued
moda Noel (X-Mas) – In Stock

11 thoughts on “Himekuri’s Grove

  1. hehe thanks, I still got a lot of work to do on this site, mainly trial and error aswell with my lack of codeing skills.

  2. congrats on your blog opening ^^, it’s about time for you to open one!

    very nice outdoor shot. love the background! I should try to do outdoor shot, non SLR camera works better with sun light ^^;

    you mentioned about australian price, is that Australian sell price from hobby japan?

  3. Thanks for visiting XD

    Nono, that’s the Australian price at which I bought it for, be it a conversion from the RRP at the time of purchase, or from a local store’s price.

    In this case I got it for $43.00 at HLJ at the time of purchase (minus shipping)

    EDIT: hmm, whoops, seems like i got carried away and listed MY purchase, it’s been updated to reflect the cost my friend got it for, and also renamed to make it less confusing.

  4. Very nice first photo shoot. And hello to a fellow Australian! Once you do the first outdoor photoshoot by yourself with a thousand eyes upon you, it gets easier. My first photoshoot was done right at Darling Harbour on a Sunday.

  5. XD
    I am being a lil more daring thesedays, the last photo shoot was at Federation Sqaure and the Shrine of Remembrance. Although, I was with my friend (and his figure) lol.

  6. Hi, awesome pics. I just have a question, though The translucent covers on her arms, chest and upper thigh highs are very unique. She has has some green in her eyes by the looks. I have been looking for this same figure and cannot find one with those two features I mention. Is this a special edition? Thanks.

  7. If you’re looking at the same black version, then it should have the “translucent” look on the paint, it isn’t actually translucent.
    She should also have that lil green in her eyes, if you don’t see these two features then I suspect it may be a fake, it’s a lil hard to tell from the box since this figure doesn’t have a sticker on the box (other than the one saying what colour it is like “moda NOEL”). =/

  8. Hey i was wondering is this character is in an anime or manga? She is really cute!

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